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Paper Crown is a Milan-based game studio founded by a bunch of nerds and artists with the mission of recreating the tabletop experience online and connecting players around the world. 


For us, nothing beats the feel of those many sided dice as you hold the fate of your party in your graphite smudged hands. But we also wanted to connect players around the world. So we set out to create a virtual RPG platform that genuinely recreated the tabletop experience. 


We wanted to create a virtual tabletop platform that was easy and intuitive, but endlessly customizable – without sacrificing load times or game flow. We wanted to expand our community of nerds and friends to foster creativity and forge friendships.


Thus NOMADIC was born.

This a picture of the Nomad from Paper Crown's companion app called Nomadic


DESCRIPTION:​ NOMADIC (NMDC) is a companion app to your traditional pen-and-paper gameplay and is compatible with most RPGs.

No RPG experience required.

Unlike other platforms out there, we don’t turn your tabletop into a top-down, 2D video game. We transform your game into an interactive, 3D board so you get all the nostalgia of traditional tabletop play, plus the ease of instant connectivity.


As a DM, you can build your campaign in-game and invite your friends to join within minutes. Or try some of our pre-built quests. With monthly releases of new campaigns, armor, maps, and more, there are countless adventures and customizable features to choose from so game night never gets stale.


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This a photo of Paper Crowns Logo

Paper Crown is a Milan-based game studio founded by friends for people who are sick of spending all their precious game time making maps or coding commands instead of, you know, actually playing their games.


Now, we’re on a mission to spark adventure, foster creativity, forge friendships, and unite tabletop communities across the globe with games that are easy to play, and even easier to Master.

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